Buying A House in 2020? Here Are A Rundown of Your Costs in Long Beach

When thinking about the cost of buying a house, many people consider only the down payment and the monthly mortgage payments. There are, however, many more costs involved in buying a house, including several one-time costs (many of them upfront) and not a few recurring costs or expenses. So, in order to stay within your … Continued

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Home in Long Beach

Aristotle once said that acquiring knowledge and practicing good philosophy begin with asking the right questions. Asking the right questions is also (naturally) hugely important for buying a home. If you ask the right questions, you’re far more likely to make the right decision for your unique situation. With that in mind, we offer these … Continued

6 Things To Pay Attention To When Making an Offer For a House in Long Beach

Buying a home can be a fast-paced and overwhelming process, especially during the summer months when both the weather and the market heat up. Right now, with supply still lagging behind demand in the residential housing market, it’s easy for buyers to move too quickly. It’s understandable, though: buyers don’t want to move too slowly … Continued

4 Things You Need to Expect When Selling With an Agent

Are you working with a local Long Beach agent to sell your house? Or maybe you’re thinking about it? If so, we’ve collected the top 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent — to help you navigate this process easily! There are many ways to sell your house and many people … Continued